Hi, I’m Ange.

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I’m a digital nomad who creates awesome web content with two kids in tow.

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I’m Angela Alcorn, and I’m all about great content.

What sort of content? Blog content, social media content, brand stories, video content, podcasts, eBooks, courses, advertising and even lyrics. I plan it, I write it, I edit it, and I deliver it.

I’ve written and edited for top blogs, built dozens of my own blogs, co-ordinated dozens of mailing lists, managed several communities, run Facebook advertising, and organised social media campaigns.

Why? Because I’m a geek who likes to figure everything out, analyse things, and put the best plan into action. And then I like to help other people do the same thing.

And I do all of this from wherever I like, whenever I like, while looking after a couple of screaming totally adorable children.

I also happen to think you can do this to… if you’re willing to ditch the idea of a 9-5 job.

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