Writer, Internet Geek, Singer, Event Manager

Australian in France
Degree: Internet Studies/Journalism
Geek-girl, event manager, editor & musician.
Lover of books, festivals & food.

Hi, I’m Ange.

I’m a writer and an internet geek with a few other passions up my sleeve.

Since graduating from a degree in Internet Studies and Journalism, I’ve been working in the most logical direction that degree would take me: I’m writing about the internet on the internet.

I’m currently the news editor and a staff writer at MakeUseOf, covering online innovations, social media news, geeky tips and tricks, including plenty of Mac OS X and Android hacks. However, I also write freelance articles for other blogs. Despite my obvious interest in social media and the internet, it’s not my only passion. In other writing, I cover a few different areas, such as music, festivals, food and France. Check out my writing portfolio to see some of the best work. Also, see my Google+ profile.

Here’s some brief tidbits about me:

  • I’ve recently moved from Australia to France.
  • Not only do I have an obsessive interest in the internet, but I did a degree in Internet Studies and Journalism. This means I spent time analysing how other people use the internet, comparing social networks and reading and writing studies on people and news media are using the internet. It’s like studying the anthropology and sociology of the internet.
  • I’m a qualified Event Manager who loves festivals involving music, culture and food.
  • I sing in a trio and many choirs. I occasionally conduct choirs, do solos and manage concerts and events too.

I’m always interested in new writing assignments, so if you like what I do and you’re interested in hiring me to write for your publication, feel free to email me.

Love, Ange.